The Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) is an annual team-based programming contest aimed at university and college students in the Nordic and Baltic countries. NCPC takes place at at many participating universities and colleges. The same problem set is used at all sites. NCPC results are aggregated electronically, and the event simultaneously serves as local, national, and Nordic championships.

The contest is suitable for programmers of almost all skill levels, from beginner to expert, as the problem set always has both very easy and very difficult problems. There are also separate score tables for the local sites, national level and the entire contest. This means you can choose on which level you want to compare yourself.

NCPC has been the Nordic championship in competitive programming since 2002.

All the Nordic locations belong to the Northwestern European region in the ICPC system. The Northwestern Europe Programming Contest (NWERC) is usually held in the middle of November. Universities use the local/national/nordic event as a preliminary for this contest.

The top teams at NWERC advance to compete in the ICPC - the world finals of the top student teams around the world. Thousands of teams from thousands of universities world wide compete in the regional contests (like NWERC) and sub regional contests (like NCPC) which lead up to the world finals. About 140 teams compete in each world final.

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