Registration Process

The NCPC registration uses the official ICPC registration system. To register a team follow this registration guide. All teams should register through the ICPC system, even those that are not ICPC eligible.

Step 0:
Either the team must have a Coach (i.e. somebody that is not competing, typically a faculty member), or one of the team members has to be a Student Coach. It is the [Student] Coach that registers the team.

Step 1 (create an ICPC-account if you don't have one):
The [Student] Coach needs to have an ICPC-account. If you have participated before you most likely already have an ICPC-account, otherwise you need to create one.
To create an ICPC-account:

  1. Click on the "Sign up"-button on the main ICPC-page.
  2. Fill in all the required fields. Your email address will be your unique username.
  3. In the Institution field just start typing the name of your university. You will get suggestion for universities that match. Click on your university.

Step 2 (log in):
If you just created an account in step 1 above you will already be logged in, otherwise:

  1. Click here. (Or click on the "Login"-link on the main ICPC-page).
  2. Fill in your email and password and click "Sign in".

Step 3 (register your team):
On the Dashboard:

  1. Click the "Create a team"-button.
  2. Select a contest and site:
    1. Click on Europe (Blue).
    2. Open "The 2019 Northwestern Europe Regional Contest".
    3. Open "The 2019 Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest".
    4. Click on your site (A green puzzle piece).
  3. Create your team(s):
    1. If you are a Student Coach, check the "I also want to participate as contestant" box.
    2. Your university should already be filled in (but if not, see Step 1 above).
    3. If you are not a Student Coach, fill in the number of teams you want to register.
    4. Fill your team names. (This can be changed later)
    5. Click on Next.
  4. Add team members:
    1. Click on "Add team member" (to the far right) for each additional contestant.
    2. A block will appear with the string "Team member N". Click on it so that it expands.
    3. In the "Find person" field you can search for team members that already have an ICPC-account. You can search by email (recommended) or name. If the person is found, click on the name, if not, click "Register new person".
    4. In the "Role" field enter "Contestant".
  5. Finally do the actual registration:
    1. Click the "Confirm Registration"-button.
    2. Click "OK" in the confirmation dialog.
  6. But wait! There is more! Enter whether the team is ICPC-eligible or not:
    1. Click "Contest-Specific Fields" in the lower (middle?) tab
    2. Enter "YES" or "NO" in the ICPC-eligible field
    3. Click the "Update Contest-Specific Fields"-button